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  1. How to Open Word Documents on an Apple Computer
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NFOViewer is a viewer for the. Bean is lean, fast, and uncluttered.

If you use TextEdit but have to jump through hoops just to get a word count or change Product Description: The Choice of Hollywood Professionals. Award-winning Movie Magic Screenwriter has many features and flexibility.

How to Open Word Documents on an Apple Computer

Whether you write novels, plays or movies this will format for you, When you need a clear understanding of how tasks, activities, and processes are carried out, OmniGraffle can help you produce amazing-looking diagrams that communicate information far better than words A rapidly growing community On top of that, the more recent versions have improved the typographical tools and are more integrated than ever with iOS and the iCloud.

As always, Pages does a spectacular job of providing templates for easy document creation, and Placeholders also provide seamless integration with the Photos app for adding images. You can also add comments, embed media, insert hyperlinks, and alter the settings to allow for other readers to view, comment, or edit. Wizards allow for easy set-up of memos, letters, and even mail-merge documents, and the suite comes with a variety of useful tools for formatting and styling.

Agree with our list? Editor's Picks 5 free alternatives to Word on Mac.

Best Word Processing Software

View all comments. I am considering getting Apple Pages.

I have many Word documents 30 years of genealogy research. Would I need to convert all my Word documents to Pages? Can Word documents be switched easily to Pages documents?

I have macOS Mojave. Will my Word documents written with Microsoft Word become unuseable? Only when you want to use them. Open in Pages and then save. Just open in Pages and your files will work.


Apple Pages free download for Mac | MacUpdate

I doubt Word for Mac will work with Majove, but you can try. Word Count.

Also, spellcheck is primitive on Pages. You hit command and semi-colon and then a misspelled word is highlighted. You have to right-click on it and scroll down to change.


And the word count? I must admit that I always have it turned off. Thanks, actually I had another look at it and I found that the spellcheck can run as a pop-out window so that solves that problem. One other very annoying problem: The cursor, as it should, goes to the next line and indents.

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Then I start typing the first sentence of the new paragraph. After a period between sentences in the same paragraph, the new word is autocapitalized, but not after I hit enter and start a new paragraph. Do you have that problem too?