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Make sure that Windows networking is enabled on your Mac. Then you should have no problem logging into the Mac from your TV. I do have Windows networking enabled but when I go to the "AllShare" app on the TV it says there is no device connected. Nowhere in the page manual did I find a reference to a PC-based utility that is required enable the TV's ability to access anything. Quite frankly, it would have been somewhat surprising if I had. As such, they should be self-contained.

Download All Share Cast For Smart TV App on PC & Mac with AppKiwi APK Downloader

Another consideration is that TV sets are not supposed to require computer science majors for setup; they are supposed to be setup by owners who have relatively little technical knowledge. Grandma would freak-out if she had to download a utility from the internet to allow her computer is be accessed by a TV set. The only reference to using a PC was as an option to download an update file that would then be transfered to the TV via USB thumb drive.

Having said all that, if you have a reference to this PC utility requirement, then please give me the name of the document and the page number or give a verbatim quote of the specific language. Absent a reference to specific language that states the requirement, then I am left to believe that you misunderstood what you read or saw.

It is also worth noting that Samsung's owners manual includes a lot of weasel words.

Best Solution to Stream Mac to Samsung TV

If something on the TV doesn't work on odd-numbered Tuesdays in months with "e" in the name, then that may be covered in the manual. So you have to give very specific information about your setup when asking for help. To start: You have already assured me that Windows networking is enabled on your Mac. Make sure that your Mac and TV set are on the same subnet.

screen mirroring mac to tv wirelessly - Without apple TV

Please don't sound so nasty, I am only asking for help. In my first post I gave a link to the software that is needed on the PC in order for the TV to see the computer. I phoned the Samsung support line twice and discussed in some great detail and they told me the TV would not work on a mac because the said mentioned software is Windows only. I posted here because they are not Mac specialists and I thought someone here might have an answer that the Samsung tech did not.

I believe the computer and TV are on the same subnet, but if my "relatively little technically knowledged Grandma" could do it I don't think it should be that difficult.


Thank you for trying to help me with this, but if you can't, I do understand and maybe someone else has an idea. Thanks again. Mikuro Crotchety UI Nitpicker. This is not easy to set up and configure, unfortunately, and it's a little different for every program, so I couldn't walk you through it. Hopefully TVMobili will work for you. MacPopcorn Registered. Hi, Just saw this post whilst surfing the same problem, it is rather annoying that Samsung choose to ignore Mac users.

How To AirPlay Mirror Mac To Samsung Smart TV Without Apple TV

I use Vuze on my imac and MBP and stream movies through this to my TV, but you have to use ethernet cable as streaming Blueray or 3D is well poor wireless little slow. Cheers Pop However I run Vuze. The answer to your problems are the following 1. Last edited: Jul 5, Oh boy, this is your lucky day! I have a 55" Samsung series very similar to your 60". Elmedia can switch among the subtitles available for the video as well as among audio tracks, and can use external audio and subtitle files. Thanks to the latter you'll be able to watch a movie in any language you want.

You can also create a streaming playlist and enjoy it without having to stream each file separately. Install free Elmedia Player on your Mac. Find the video audio that you are going to stream on your computer. Open it in Elmedia Player app. Press the streaming icon in Control Panel of Elmedia Player and select the device to stream to.

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Notes: The first time you are streaming to your Samsung TV, you might see a message of such type: "A new device has been detected. Do you want to allow it to access this product? Click "Allow" to proceed with the streaming.

Tutorial: How to Stream iTunes Movies on Samsung Smart TV?

Click it to adjust the setting to "Allow". That should fix the issue with being unable to stream from your computer. Free Elmedia Player offers 1-minute long streaming. Once you can see that this app works for you, you may purchase PRO version for unlimited streaming and downloading possibilities. Here are the instructions: Turn your smart TV on.

Click the live stream icon in Control Panel of Elmedia Player and select the device to stream to. There is actually way more than just video and audio streaming in PRO version. You can find more info here. Here's how you stream a video from a web page open in your browser: Switch your smart TV on. Download and install free Elmedia Player on your Mac. Switch to the Browser mode in Elmedia app and in the right-click menu choose "Play Online Video" option. Click the streaming icon in Control Panel of the player and select the device to stream to.

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