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  1. NTFS write support on OSX Lion with NTFS3G im.getting(this);
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Slow file transfers: File transfers are noticeably slow. There are also instances of copying failures.

NTFS write support on OSX Lion with NTFS3G im.getting(this);

Deletions are final: You have to remember that once you use this application, the files you delete no longer go to the Trash. Recovering them may not be possible. It works great out of the box, but if you're looking for further customization, you can go to System Preferences, where you have options like filename normalization, filesystem caching, debug logging, and more.

NTFS-3G develops, quality tests and supports a trustable, feature rich and high performance solution for hardware platforms and operating systems whose users need to reliably interoperate with NTFS. The driver is used by millions of computers, consumer electronics devices for reliable data exchange, and referenced in more than 30 computer books.

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Please see our test methods and testimonials on the driver quality page. After installation I cannot read any drives at all except Apple drives. Thankfully it was very easy to uninstall, thus giving back the ability to read NTFS drives again.

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Read reply 1. Allows for write caching albeit artificially to improve write. Has a high CPU overhead and slower access speeds than native. Additionally, this is not the latest version of the software, and so is not what you want to use with Lion This takes forever to accumulate the pool of files you will be coping. Caused my target drive to go into a recurring mode where I heard clicking.

If you are transferring a lot of folders and files, this program will not work. You must break down the task into smaller chunks and then it will work fairly well with limitations see below. My task and the reason I need a program like this was to copy approximately 80GB of scanned files from the Mac onto a Windows Vista64 desktop computer. I tediously copied all my files from the Mac onto the Maxtor External.

Then, I attempted to transfer all the files in one batch from the Maxtor to the Windows desktop. The files would not transfer and there was no message of any kind on the screen. I speculated that it was overloaded and proceeded to go back and transfer one major folder at a time. It was working. But, wait! The program stop and showed a window with a message that the operation could not be completed because one or more files could not be found! I clicked OK and the program proceeded to continue coping other files. This did two things: 1 It did not perform the task I wanted!

But, this isn't the only problem! It also reported for some files that it could not copy some files because the file name was either too long or the file name was illegal! I finally figured out that the files were too long and I tried in vain to truncate them down without success.

The files on the external drive that had been copied from the Mac could not be changed because they were "read-only"!

I guess I didn't try one would have to go back to the Mac and change the file name there, but that means that you would have to change a file name that you wanted but was outside the parameters of the Window's OS's format!!! I have learned through the years that ANY Windows machine is what I call a "life waster" I can't tell you how many days hours upon hours of my life Windows has wasted! Which is why I made it a point some three years ago to go almost exclusively Mac! Why "almost"? VERY slow. File delete is final - not moved to Trash or Recycle Bin.

NTFS Write support on OS X Mountain Lion – Techonia

No current. The most recent. This review is based on In order to get the newest release use MacPorts to install. Even then, it was only updated recently, 4 months late. Downloading the source from the project and doing the build yourself is the only way to stay current, if you have the skills. It is sad that the developers don't feel the need to share with the less-skilled public the latest stable release in a. It is probably relevant that this is the base code for the commercial Tuxera NTFS, which of course is conveniently available on a timely basis at a price and with support for higher speeds using caches.

No more FAT file size limits. Nothing to know - just install it and go! No more partitioning and segmenting with FAT needed. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I'vejustbegunthe downloadanditmight56hours. AnilKuppa:Itlooksliketomeit'sjustthedmgfileforntfs3gyoudownloaded that'scorrupt.

Enable NTFS Write for Mountain Lion

Deleteitandtrydownloadingitagain emptyyourbrowser'scache first,toavoidgettingalocalcachedcopyofthecorruptfilefromthebrowser. I downloadedhere,fromthelinkonthepost,andtheinstallimageisopeningfine here. Ijustcheckedyour comment,butnowIdon'twanttomakeanychanges. Duringthe2ndprocedure,therewere2placesofdifference: 1 WhenIenteredjavac,theterminalgavemedifferentoptionsishouldrun alongwithjavac. Hm,soifIunderstoodcorrecly,youjustdid"portinstallntfs3g"directlyinstead ofinstallingfuse4xexplicitlyfirst. Buthey,it'sfree,itworks, andit'sstable.

Andforthosethat,likeme,useWindowsontheirMacs,it'salsoa damnconvenientsolution,evenwiththeslowperformanceforexample,Iuse MozillaThunderbirdonmyMacwithmymailboxfilesstoredontheNTFS3G partition soIcanusethesamemailboxonThunderbirdforWindows andit worksfine,anditdoesn'tfeelslowatall. Everyfilesystemsyscallmakesoneadditional contextswitch inpracticeitmakes2ormore. Thecontextswitchisreally expensiveoperationandthusanyFusefilesystemalwaysbeslowerthattheone implementedinkernel asakernelextension. NotthatIcare,ofcourseI'mperfectlyhappywiththeOSSsolutionasitis: It's notworthittobreak orworsen Fuseupstreamcompatibility andhence,its usefulness forafewdozenMBmoreofperformance.

Workedthefirst time. Thisis purelyacosmeticproblem,itdoesn'taffectthefilesystemfunctionalityatall. AsFernandomentionedthisisreallyaminorcosmeticissueanddoesnotaffect thefunctionality. IstronglybelievethatitisbadideatohardcodetheFSName onlyforafewfilesystems. OrprobablyIshouldseta humanreadableFSNameforallfilesystems e. Thanksforthepost,veryuseful,butIhaveoneaddition:Iwouldnotusethe noappledoublemountoption,becauseitmakesthefinderbehavestranglyand createdthehorriblydreadedErrorcodehere. Thanks Norbert 6monthsagoepresponded:.

Idohavesomestrangebehaviouroccasionallywith someapplications,likeMSOffice,thoughnotwiththeFinder. That'sOSX'sstandard behaviourbtw,itdoesthattoowithwindowsnetworkshares,anditannoysmeto noendbecausethosefilesservenopurposeatallforotherOS'sapartfromOSX anditendspollutingmyfilelists. That'smenitpicking,Iknow,butI'dratherhave theoccasionalweirdnessonOSXbecauseofnoappledoublethanhavingmy partitionlitteredwithuselessfiles. V 4monthsagoFernandoFigueiredoresponded:. IhavetriedsomethinglikethiswhenIwashackingaroundthatscript,anditsorta works"sorta"becauseitworkswhenyoumountvolumeswhenyou'realready loggedin.

Itshouldworkwell ifyou'redealingwithanexternalNTFSvolumethatyoupluginonlyafterlogin, though. Triedthefixfrom hereaboveandalldisksmountedagain. Kees about1monthagoEmilianoresponded:. Ofcourse,Icouldjustbe wrong. I'mstillabeginnerintheMacworld,butIguessI'lleventuallyfigureouthowto compileaninstallerpackagefromsourcesonmyworkmachineandbringhome thecandyreadytobeeaten about1monthagoFco. Javier: Yes,thereis,throughthecommandline. Youusethe"mkntfs"commandforthat, whichispartofthentfs3gdistributiononMacPorts don'tknowifyoucangetit elsewhere.

Now,Ihavetosaythatwritingperformance isweak,veryweak. Thelinkyoupostedisfor version SinceOSXFuseissupposedtobesuccessortoMacFuse,thenyes, thatNTFS3GversionforMacFuseshouldworkonOSXFusealso,butthepointI wastryingtomakewithEmilianoisthatsincethisversioniswayoutdated,you're probablymissingoutonbugfixes,stabilityimprovementsandeffeciency though notnecessarilyanybigperformanceimprovementyoushouldn'teverexpect thatfromanyfilesystemimplementedviaFuse. The easiestpathformewouldbetorecommendpeopletouseFuse4x,downloading theprebuiltbinaryimageavailableonFuse4x'ssite,butyou'dhavetohavea NTFS3Gbinaryimagetogoalongwithit,andIcouldn'tfindanythingnewer fromTuxera'sbuild.

SowhatI'mcurrentlyinvestigatingisbuildingthesebinaryimageswithMacPorts that'spossible,buthaveafewgotchasthatI'mstilllookinginto,andanyway,I needaMacwithoutMacPortsinstalledsoIcanhaveapropertestcasefor installingthesepackagesandseeiftheyworksoIdependonlendingother people'sMacstodoitIdohavesome,buttheydon'tcomebyeveryday,soit's kindofaslowprocess. ButifImanageit,I'llmakesuretopostanewarticlewith downloadlinks.

JusttoclarifythelatestversionofFuse4X 0. Robson:Yes,performanceisslowyoushouldn'texpectabsoluteperformance outofanyfilesystemimplementedwithFuse. Ifyou'recopyingTOit,then18hourssoundsaboutright,andthere'snothingyou candobutwaitfornewerNTFS3GorFuse4xreleasesthatimprove performance,although,again,youshouldn'texpectdramaticimprovementseven then i.


NTFS Write Support on Mountain Lion

MrMike:Ok,revertingtothemethodyouwereusinginitiallythen: Haveyou triedyourmethodloggedasroot? Sinceyoudidn'tgetyourvolumetomountthroughthe normalmethodssofar,Ithinkit'sunlikelythatit'llmountnow,butatleastthere shouldbeanerrormessageorsomeothercluetowhat'stheproblem. WhenItryitasroot,everythingworksfine,butthemounteddiskisnotshownin thefinder butitcanbeaccessedviatheterminal. Inbothcasesnothinggets loggedintothentfsmntlogfile. MrMike:Well,sortofaccessingyourmachinedirectly,I'malloutofguesses here ButthenIstartedgettinganerror TheFindercantcompletethe operationbecausesomedataincantbereadorwritten.

Curiously,thisonlyhappenswhenItrytocopylargefiles suchasmovies , andnotwhenItrytocopyfolderscontainingsmallfiles suchasafolder continingseveralmp3files. AnothercuriousthingisthatthebigfilescopyOKif ItrytocopythemfromTerminal,usingthecpcommand. Erik:Thissortofoccasionalcrypticerrorstendtohappenwhenusingthe "noappledouble"mountoption,asalsonoticedbyNorbertinthecomments above.

Youcanmitigatethisproblemalittleusing"asepsis"asexplained onmyblogpostrightafterthisone. I'lleditthisblogpostremovingthe"onoappledouble"linefromthescriptI addedthisinitiallybecauseIhavethispetpeevewithOSXpollutingnonHFS volumeswithuselessfiles,butonsecondthoughtIsupposeit'sbetterforthe generalusertohaveafullyfunctionalvolumeonOSXthanhavinganicelooking one:P 4daysagoErikresponded:.

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