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Polar RS800CX vs Garmin 405 Forerunner

The front of the new strap is also very flexible, being made of so sort of material vs hard plastic of previous versions. Downloading workouts from the watch is painless. Polar uses a USB reader to transfer info from the watch to the computer. Yes I said stride length and Cadence. How cool is that. If you have a coach this could be very important info for them to help you become a better runner.

The watch itself will display 3 readings on the face and these can be adjusted to what you want displayed. If your thinking about getting a HR monitor, I highly recommend checking out these new Polar watches. Quote Reply. Post 2 of 18 views. How accurate, and consistent, is the foot pod? I gave up on my sx footpod because of the constant need for recalibration and frequent inaccuracy.

Polar ProTrainer 5 Software Compatibility with Mac

Post 3 of 18 views. Good to know, I'm thinking about trying the RSCX Multi which seems to be very close in features there are so many features, it's hard to keep them all straight to the run model, but more biking features Wayne PolarUSA. Post 4 of 18 views. I never like to be the first reply to any post concering Polar. Here are some tips I think might be useful to you and others that I feel The Wind Wear Link does not transmit under water due to 2.

I am not in customer service, just a sales rep but love what I do and want others to enjoy their investment with Polar. You can post or PM me with any questions. PolarRep] [ In reply to ] Quote Reply.

How to use Polar trainer RSCX on my Ma… - Apple Community

Post 5 of 18 views. Here is a question for ya. OK so the RS records temperature. Is there a way to display the temperature over time? I am going to be doing Leadville in two weeks and the temps are going to go from hopefully high 30's to the 70's to the 30's again. Post 6 of 18 views. It is will not be graphed while competing, but you can customize the display and have it on the watch during the event.

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Please watch your record rate prior to the start, make sure you have enough memory. I am sure you will have the altimeter on as well. Post 7 of 18 views. Post 8 of 18 views. I would think that you could import files from your Polar folder into Training PEaks. I would call our customer service and wait for the software prompt, I am certain it works on of the some platforms you mentioned excpet MAC.

Post 9 of 18 views. Post 10 of 18 views. Post 11 of 18 views. Hi wvarta. PolarRep, I have a racing question on the RScx btw - great watch! Post 12 of 18 views. In Reply To:. Post 13 of 18 views. Post 14 of 18 views. Unless I did something wrong, here is the problem I ran into starting the swim in bike mode. After some amount of time while in the water it auto shut off battery saving feature I guess because it is not picking up HR or Bike speed.

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Post 15 of 18 views. The watch takes a temp reading each time you hit the lap button, so when you analyze the data in Pro Trainer 5 it'll show a line graph linking each point that you hit Lap.

So if you want a smoother graph, hit lap often during the ride. Post 16 of 18 views. What a price for the package!! Can't afford a second mortgage. Go to flow. Click Download for Mac. FlowSync starts downloading the installation package.

graphql.muchmore.be/vida-y-leyenda-del-infante-luis-fernando-de.php This should only take a few minutes. After the download is completed, click the installation package icon on Downloads. The location of the installation package depends on your browser. The FlowSync installation wizard starts. Click Continue on the welcome window. Read through the software license agreement which is available in several languages.

Choose the language from the drop down menu. Click Continue. Click Agree to agree to the terms.

Polar RS800 CX heart rate monitor - why training with one? Cycling + running